Metro Wire & Cable Sdn Bhd

is a company that manufactures all kinds of wire and cable mainly for household electrical appliance, automobiles, power supply and electronic equipment.

Our main office is located in Bandar Penawar, Johor. Metro Wire & Cable operates on the principle of building quality into every step of business process – from receiving enquiries up to delivery and after sales services of product to our customers. We aim for continual improvement of all aspects so as to serve our valued customers at all times.

Wire or Cable which are commonly/locally called as below may be found in the website :

 - High Temperature Cable
 - Fire,Heat Resistence/Retardation Cable
 - Audio/Video Cable
 - Lorry/Truck Cable
 - Extension/Flexible Cable

  Our Products Range  
PVC Insulated Cables for Automobile, PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Flexible Cord, PVC Insulated Appliance Wire,
PVC Insulated Speaker Wire, PVC Insulated Welding Cable, PVC/PVC or PVC/TRS Welding Cable,
PVC Insulated Battery and Jumper Cable, PVC/PVC Truck Cable, PVC Insulated Cable.


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